Wednesday Wobbling

– Anytime I read or hear of someone losing a pet, my heart aches for them…regardless of who they are. Pets don’t care about politics, ethnicity, gender real or otherwise, any of it, they just care about those who treat them well.
– No wonder kids today are…what’s the word…confused. The math lessons contained in reading clock faces have been eliminated; video games are so realistic they think they are watching/controlling live action; and with Santas arriving on 15 November, they forget the Holiday by thanksgiving, and spend 6 weeks wondering what all the hoopla is. 
– Apparently Socialist candidate Warren has a plan to ‘end car violence.’ She seriously said that. I wonder if her plan to end car violence is similar to her plan to end gun violence, I.E. 100% confiscation. Pray this pandering moron not only is rejected for POTUS but for her senator seat as well. When she walks out of the Rotunda the IQ in the room rises 16 points.
– Speaking of numbskulls, seems if any of the socialist Dems running for POTUS are elected, over 180 million Americans will be forced to surrender their current health insurance/care systems for something that resembles the VA. I’ve got nothing but praise for the VA medical system when I get services from the VA, but those services are getting fewer and further between. Most medical things are now handled thru Triwest, a private insurance outfit that authorizes (or not) essential medical events for veterans but done by civilian facilities and doctors, very much like Medicare. This means absurd overcrowding, difficulty in finding competent doctors, endless billing issues, and veterans being relegated to a lower status than illegal aliens. No one ever seems to think these things thru.
– Under no circumstances should a man wear jeans that can be described as ‘pretty’…or have embroidered and bejeweled anything. Might as well sport a push up bra and eyeliner as well, complete the image.
– A White House official associated with the security agencies has filed a $25 Million defamation lawsuit against the media shills Politico and strongly implicates Adam Schiff. All I can say is *about*damn*time! Everyone who’s name suffered demonstrably false slander, libel, and deflation should follow suit, especially when “media” sources are congressmen. Sue them into oblivion, let em live off food stamps.
-Apparently the toadie Eric Swalwell, a ‘man’ embarrassing himself with ridiculous accusations and invented proof of Trump’s evil intentions, farted on live TV. I’ve only read the reports, but the flattuce was likely the most intelligent thing he’s uttered in 5 yrs. Making matters worse, in spite of everyone around hearing such an outburst, he claims it wasn’t him. Thankfully the event occurred on MSNBC so less that 1000 people nationwide were exposed to his live fart
Oklahoma forcing itself into the news lately…16 yr boy fleeing from police at the airport jumped a rail and dropped far enough down he broke both legs; 19 yr old guy arrested after being clocked going 208 MPH, and an estranged husband killing his estranged wife and her new beau, then killing himself when an armed citizen intervened to prevent more shootings. Wow, y’all.
– Final thought today. Game show maven and entrepreneur Pat Sajak recently said on ‘social’’media’: It’s interesting that we’re supposed to be such a divided country, and yet politicians and pundits are always starting a sentence with, “What the American people want…” I guess that saves us the trouble of thinking for ourselves….wise words.


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