- Democratic ‘Candidate’ Pocahontas Warren says the US supports genocide. What a dumb bitch…hard to believe a Harvard professor would not know 2d grade history.
– The Washington National players who skipped the White House visit are insufferable punks. The event is about baseball, not politics. Athletes need to pull their self righteous heads out of their overpaid asses and realize we the people don’t Need you.
– A Border Patrol agent did something that during the Obama years would have had him arrested: he was shot at by an alleged illegal, and returned fire, killing the invader. About damn time.
– Saw a Tesla the other day for the 1st time…meh
– Pretty sure anyone who considers themself ‘woke’ needs serious, powerful, and mandatory drugs, to slow down the harm to actual functional humans
– Seen on the internet: Most people wearing a Che Guevara shirt would have been killed by Che Guevara.
– I’m pretty sure whoever invented sausage and biscuits for breakfast should be awarded the Medal of Honor and granted sainthood. A huge plus for when biscuits are cooked in a Dutch oven over a campfire.
– I used to buy and sell music gear on a place called Reverb dot Com, but likely no more. For example, I’d order an XYZ Super Gizmo box on Monday. Most places don’t even process orders until the next day, and ship (usually) the following day. So 48 hours after they took my money I’m still waiting for shipping to start. Nah..no more.
– Have I mentioned how much I hate waiting room chitchat? Well now I have. It’s a doctor’s office, not a coffee bar. STFU, and if you insist on talking, whisper. Not difficult
– Thanking a gracious Creator…Deb came out of her cataract cuttings just fine. Cost me more than I wanted because I had them put in a husband filter, to lessen the impact of her seeing my 63 yr old mug with clear vision for the 1st time..ever


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