– Congratulations San Francisco! Voters there elected a new district attorney, one with absolutely no prosecution experience…he’s promised to eliminate prosecution of certain crimes like sex soliciting , public urination, etc. According to one news outlet the new DA was raised by convicted terrorists Bernadette Dorn and Bill Ayers after his parents were incarcerated for murdering 2 cops and a guard during an armored car robbery. Congratulations…but if you voted for this, stay there and take your medicine.
– Read a great outline of the Deep State the other day, explaining that Article II of the constitution very clearly details the president has exclusive sweeping authority to deal with foreign nations, and does not grant any authority to unelected bureaucrats. Secretary of State is the president’s authorized proxy…but no one else. It does not give unelected anybody to dictate policy, or even offer opinion on policy. Their job is EXCLUSIVELY dictated to be to in the service of the president , and are employed/dismissed as the president sees fit. Basically the deep state traitors are willfully and actively violating the constitution…we used to call that something.
– As much as I appreciate the VA medical system, I have to wonder about their prescription refill by mail setup. For example it takes 3-5 days o get an envelope contain prescriptions to travel 32 miles (VA Big Spring to my front door).
– New Family Feud shows alway open with Steve Harvey saying “we got a good one for you today.” Have to wonder if he’s ever wanted to come out and say “we got the 2 dumbest families in the country today, and you’d be better off not watching these nitwits.” Seeing some of the families utter the most idiotic things on TV (and not on news shows) its a puzzlement (😉) as to who dressed them for the show
– One of the best series of words I’ve ever seen: Patriotism is love of your country, not your government. These 9 words are amazingly simple, yet complex…and our citizenry seems to have forgotten the first part, and are becoming more and more disgusted with the second part.
– Just thinking about getting a pup…an already neutered dog. If do, I’ll just have to name him “Humphree ”
– Sure appears that the socialist democrats are operating on the “too big to fail” platform. Got news for them. Look around and you can easily see they’ve already failed. If there was one lick of actual value to the constant coup, it would have been done already. Every member of congress pushing this bullshit 24/7 should be forced to reimburse we the people for every moment, every paper, every discussion done in lieu of the people’s needs.
– Every day “college” “students” prove to be a disappointment and embarrassment to our species. Latest example is the “University” of Virginia cancelling and then eliminating the 21 gun salute on Veterans Day, in fear of triggering panic and fear on campus. What an unforgivable collection of cowardice and stupidity. Damn them! These people are supposed to be the next generation of leaders and soldiers, and they can’t even figure out their own genders.
– Which proves a point…my generation has woefully failed in preparing younger ones for life. Coddling, making them feel good about temporary fluxes in reality, have essentially endangered the nation, if not the species. In case you’ve missed it there are “cultures” that brag about the cruel means of torturing to death those who don’t pray to the same “God”
– Most poignant and powerful message on the internet today: if you want to truly thank a soldier, then be the kind of American worth fighting for. Damn.
– Santanistas…South Americans essentially terrorizing parents into buying lavishly expensive gifts for screaming kids.
– The Daily Northwestern, the campus newspaper at Northwestern University, recently apologized for running a factually correct article that some weenies found offensive (and these days exactly everything offends someone at some point)…so instead of saying “fine, your opinion” the editors of the publication apologized and announced they will no longer run articles if they believe someone will be offended or feel marginalized – whatever the hell that means. Y’all need to understand that journalism died long ago, but now they are digging up long rotted corpses, burning them, then blaming the shovel and matches.
– Today’s musical recommendation has to be “Who’s Next.” The record is an amazing collection of rock anthems…with Dalton, Townsend, Entwhistle, and Moon combining talents in a way that likely will never be repeated in terms of sheer class, monster songs, amazing production, simple guitar licks that NO ONE can accurate reproduce . If this record doesn’t leave you awestruck, check your pulse.
Take time to listen to your conscience


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